LinkedIn Tip #1

One of the most if not the most underutilized tools on LinkedIn is actually one of the most obvious tools.  “Get Introduced” is what LinkedIn is all about but it is not used nearly enough.

Think of it as getting a recommendation before you start the sales process.  Are you more likely to read an e-mail from a person whom you have been introduced to, or a cold e-mail that you probably think is spam.  You are not unique, others act the same way.

If you really want to connect.  Get an introduction, but first make sure the person who you want to make an introduction actually knows the person and it is not just an casual link.

To use “Get Introduced” hold your curser over the down arrow next to the “Send Inmail”  button.  The drop down list will appear.  Click on “Get Introduced” then click on the down arrow by “choose a shared connection”.  Pick a person, and write them a note stating why you want to be introduced.  You can actually write out what you want them to say to save them time.  Then click “ask for an introduction” and you are done.

Use this tool and you will make many more valuable and productive links.


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