LinkedIn Tip #2

Last week I wrote about using introductions for greater success of making a meaningful connection.  This week is all about how you find more valuable connections.

LinkedIn is all about making connections.  First you identify them, then you get introduced.

LinkedIn has a powerful search engine if you know how to use it.  Otherwise, you are only seeing a tiny fraction of the qualified people you are looking for.  So, how do you expand and also be more specific in your searches.  Understanding how to conduct a boolean search is critical to getting the most out of LinkedIn.  You also need to understand that just like with math there is an order of operations, Quotes “”, Parentheses (), NOT, AND, OR.

It would take me many pages to teach boolean searches so here are a couple of links from LinkedIn and LinkedIn professionals.

This one is very in depth and intended for recruiting, but you can learn a lot.

Give it a try to get the most out of LinkedIn


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