LinkedIn Tip #3


Once again, here is my dog Coach.  To help Coach get found if he were to get lost we have him wear TAGS, oddly not visible here.  What does my dog, a dog who once tried to eat an entire slab of raw bacon in one gulp, have to do with a LinkedIn tip.  Today I will discuss Tags.

Once you have identified a connection and connected with them and you view the profile you will see the relationship tab.  Click on the relationship tab and you will see some options one of which is Tag.  Click on Tag and you will see a drop down list of categories.  At the bottom you will see that you can add categories, which you will need to do to be industry specific.  Click on each category Tag that this person falls into.

This is a fantastic way to organize your connections, but where will you use it. You can use this for sorting your contacts and communicate with them.  Click on Connections, and you will see “Filter by All Contacts“.  Click on the down arrow just to the right and you will see a drop down list of ways you can filter.  One filter is Tag.  When you click on Tag the categories will appear and you can choose one (so far I have only been able to figure out how to select one tag at a time). You then can select members from the group of contacts that appear or Select All.  Next you can Tag them again with a new tag or send a message.  This is an easy way to send information to a group with common interest as a message and not as a post.

This is a much better way to message a group than by trying to remember individuals yourself to send a group message or send one message at a time.  It is also a quick way to narrow down a group and then search in that group.  Like Coach, contacts are less likely to get lost.  I hope this helps.


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