LinkedIn Tip #4, Connection Quota

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I have fallen behind.

LinkedIn in and of itself is not a tool for closing sales but it is a tool that enables us to make connections and share information.  Cold calling simply does not work as well as it once did. People have changed they way they prefer to get information. Technology has put more demands on our time and created an expectation of immediacy.  Who really has time to take a cold call anymore.  I call it needle in a haystack selling.  If you are cold calling, at least use a persons LinkedIn profile to educate yourself before you call on them.  Choose whether you want to use the anonymous mode or not.

As sales representatives, we are accustomed to quota’s and MBO’s.  Put this mentality to use for you with LinkedIn.  Set a quota each week for the number of valuable connections you can make.  Make sure you write each person a note and thank them once they accept.  When they accept, make sure you Tag each person for future use.

Start building a network and sharing information that’s valuable to the network. You should strive to been seen as an expert in their eyes.  It is a process and will not happen overnight.  Stay diligent, hit your contact quota each week and in time you will see results.


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