I Love America

I love this country and today I really love our silliness.  To think that if you limit a soft drink to 16 ounces at a Burger King with a self serve soda machine will stop obesity.  I guess you will work off the extra calories walking back and forth to the soda machine.  Who thinks this stuff up.

In my day we didn’t drink as much soda.  We drank Kool Aid.  Not the sugar free stuff.  The heaping cup of sugar per pitcher Kool Aid.  We would fight to be the kid who stirred it in to we could breath in the Kool Aid power and get the first drink. Then you would walk around for the next hour with the Kool Aid mustache.

We were all skinny, but none of us had an X-Box.

I miss Kool Aid…and my Farrah Faucet poster.


Word of the Day.

ENTRENCHMENT.  The secret to success is to overcome entrenchment whenever you encounter it.  Otherwise we would still be listening to disco and thinking Eric Estrada is cool.